Want to become a Tanker*?

Join one of our open positions.

Our positions are located within the triangle of the Roma, Condesa and Juárez boroughs. At this point, though, we cannot offer (nor would we be comfortable with) remote positions, since we consider cohesion and team-building one of our main drivers, and having face-to-face conversation is a big part of such work.

* A talented human collaborating with Datank.ai

All Tankers are compensated as follows:

  • Social Security-registered payroll (no shady schemes of part payroll, part paid contract work).
  • Competitive, above-market salary, paid out bi-weekly.
  • 30-day Christmas compensation.
  • Medical insurance for Tanker and their family.
  • Life insurance.
  • Paid vacations of 1 week's salary.
  • 15-day vacation policy (5 compulsory days from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day).

And team-wise, we offer one of the most enriching working cultures in any company:

  • High-end Laptop, either Ubuntu or Mac, up to you.
  • Continuous training and learning through MOOCs in Udacity, Coursera, edX and others.
  • Attendance to 1 Conference a year on the subject matter of the Tanker's expertise.
  • Pet-friendly environment.
  • Constant engagement of our team in meetups, conferences and hackathons, either as speakers, judges or participants.
  • Transparent, collaborative and highly cohesive environment with consistent and productive feedback.
  • Fruit basket (instead of chips and candy bars as snacks).
  • Lots of laughs. Lots of 'em. Everyday.