Ana Laura Vela

Data Scientist

BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. She has worked for Aeromexico analyzing passengers demand to develop strategies for revenue optimization. At Tupperware Brands she developed a demand model at SKU level in order to improve the supply chain process. She is currently Data Scientist at Datank, where she's working on the development of a conversational intelligence capable of predicting the future state of a company.

Adolfo Martínez

Data Scientist

BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. Has consulted for Metros Cúbicos delivering pricing and clustering models, and for Grupo Expansión in data journalism editorial products. At GBM he developed a porfolio recommender system for their investment platform Currently, he is Data Scientist at, where he's working with hierarchical models to deliver a conversational intelligence without the usually high infrastructure costs of a deep convolutional neural network.

Jesús Ramos

Cofounder & Chief Operations Officer

Software Engineer (ITESM), MSc Computational Finance (UNottingham). Led the development of financial solutions of national importance such as the Dalí System for the Central Securities Depositary, and the Index Calculation Engine for the Mexican Stock Exchange. Co-developed methodologies for calculation of volatility and market indices. At GBM he founded the Data Analytics group and created a porfolio recommender system for their savings platform, using customers' demographics. Graduated from Johns Hopkins's Data Science Specialization in Coursera. Cofounder of The Data Pub, the largest Data Science community in Mexico. Speaker in national forums on organizational and national challenges of Data Science.

Fernando Esponda

Machine Intelligence Advisor

Tenured researcher in Computer Science at ITAM and director of the MSc program in Computer Science. He obtained his PhD in Bioinformatics from University of New Mexico and his postdoc from Yale University studying computational immunity for data privacy and protection. He has published over 17 papers in topics such as information security and complex sustems, and his work has been reported on in worldwide media outlets such as The Economist and BioMedical Computation. His enterprise experience includes leading the Machine Intelligence team at SM4RT Predictive Systems and at The Data Whisperer, where he consulted for BBVA Spain and Grupo BAL in Machine Learning projects. He is also an Advisor for the United Nations' Data Privacy Taskforce. His research interests revolve around the intersection between Computer Science and Biological Systems.

Fernando Cisneros

Principal Engineer

Telecommunications Engineer from IPN. Participated in the design and development of financial systems of national importance such as the Index Calculation Engine for the Mexican Stock Exchange. Developed analysis and processing infrastructure for Grupo Expansión, which processes a little under 1 millón editorial articles and social media streams for NLP analysis. He currently is Principal Engineer at, where he is developing the necessary infrastructure to train Bayesian hierarchical learning models. First-time father, and proud to be one.

Dr. Felipe González, PhD

Advisor on Bayesian Machine Learning

BS in Applied Math (ITAM). MSc and PhD in Applied Math (UWarwick). Former Googler in Quantitative Research and Data Science for AdWords attribution. Lecturer on Statistical and Machine Learning (ITAM) both at undergraduate and graduate levels. Cofounder of L15L, a consultancy firm dedicated to large-scale data analysis for Fortune 500 firms in several industries.

Eduardo Blanco Montaño

Cofounder & Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo has had a long track record transforming businesses with technology. He cofounded and led several firms and helped them navigate disruptions ranging from price competitions to technology efficiencias. Most recently, he founded ConCrédito, a microfinance firm dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Bottom of the Pyramid. Since 2014, under his command, ConCredito is transforming into a digital business with visible improvements in revenue stream, with the help of platforms to increase customer care and reach. Apart from CC, Eduardo has created Agfin Tech, an investment firm that helps high-tech startups grow to their full potential by providing advisory and connection with a network of investors. Eduardo is also a Philantropist as part of GANAC, a non-profit dedicated to finance cancer treatments for children. He holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson, and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from ITESM.

Juan Wolfgang Zinser

Data Scientist

Juan has BS in Applied Mathematics and MSc in Computer Science from ITAM. He has worked analysing the customer's recurrence behavior in E-Commerce at Linio, doing statistical analysis for the food and entretainment industries at L15L, and doing Social Media analysis with graphs in Sertech. Currently at Datank, works in the Machine Intelligence team developing Machine Learning for Data Quality.

Liliana Millán

Chief Data Scientist

Software Engineer from ITESM CCM. MSc. in Computational Finance from UNottingham, and MSc in Data Science from ITAM. Consulted for BBVA Spain in fraud prevention using Neural Networks. As Data Science Lead in Grupo Expansión, she created automated classification models to tag editorial content. In TERAN/TBWA, she founded the Data Science division to discover audience reactions to advertisements. As Data Science Lead in Globant, she developed optimization models for global retailers. As Chief Scientist in Klustera, she developed microlocation models with data coming from IoT sensors. Currently, she is VP of Machine Intelligence at, where she works in developing Bayesian AIs that can converse about the future state of the enterprise.

Rodrigo Quezada

Lead Frontend Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer from La Salle University, turned javascript enthusiast, has cooperated with various startups in Mexico City bringing ideas to life through rich web applications.

Dr. Adolfo de Unánue Tiscareño

Advisor on Contextual Data Science

PhD in Theoretical Physics from UNAM. Postdoc in Social Ecology from C3. Researcher in Data and Decision Sciences at the University of Chicago. He has held executive positions in technology at OPI and Klustera, where he developed infrastructure and models for processing and analysis of large datasets, coming from open government and IoT. He has helped build Data Science teams and functional groups in organizations such as Telefónica and BBVA. As mentor in the Data Science for Social Good fellowship at UChicago, he delivered analytical projects aimed at improving human life both in Chicago and the world. He consulted for BBVA in fraud prevention with Statistical Learning. In, he collaborates with the Machine Intelligence team steering research towards delivering the 1st Bayesian Conversational Intelligence in Mexico.